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Green & Gold Baseball Tournament presented by Richmond Hill Phoenix Baseball Club A Member of VICommunity, Powered by , QCTI - QC Technologies Inc. All games to be played at the beautiful Richmond Green Sports Park, Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada, site of the 2015 Pan Am Games baseball competition. (1st Annual Green & Gold Classic. Championship Cup. Game MVPs. Home Run Derby). Concessions throughout complex. Paul Godfrey, President and CEO of the National Post, commends the efforts of Richmond Hill Baseball and the Green and Gold Classic Tournament Series: "Thank you for your e-mail. As a baseball fan and former President of the Toronto Blue Jays, I congratulate you and your colleagues on promoting baseball in Ontario and for providing an environment in which young people can enjoy this great game and develop their athletic skills. Although space on our sports pages is always at a premium, I will ask our Editor-in-Chief to attempt to give your tournament some coverage. I wish you great success and I thank you for being involved in this great game." The Green and Gold Classic teams up with the Ontario Sports Legends Hall of Fame. Joe Tilley (CTV News Toronto Sports Anchor) will be hosting the July HR Competition. Richmond Hill Green will play host to PAN AM Baseball Games! GREEN & GOLD CLASSIC "HOME RUN DERBY" The top 3 finishers in each age group will receive an MLB approved wood baseball bat engraved and donated by KR3. G&GC signs KR3 Bats as title sponsor for June Home Run Derby. The first pitches in what organizers say is Ontario's biggest non-national baseball tournament will be thrown today, as the Green and Gold Classic Tournament Series kicks off in Richmond Hill. Around 800 youth baseball players and 3,000 spectators are expected to attend the event, consisting of four tournaments over two weekends, said Dan Giantsopoulos, one of the event's co-organizers and a director of the Richmond Hill Phoenix Baseball Club. The tournament will be held at the Richmond Green Baseball Facility. Giantsopoulos said that has been a significant draw for teams and spectators, since most baseball tournaments require teams to travel between games. The Richmond Green complex will also host baseball at the 2015 Pan Am Games. Giantsopoulos hopes the venue will leave an impression on the young players. "We hope that they will see baseball as more than just a recreational sport, but something where they can aspire to become as good as they possibly can." Giantsopoulos said the tournament, which involves 11-and 15-year-old players this weekend and 13-and 17-year-olds in July, is also the "biggest baseball experience" of any regular tournament in Ontario. Not only does it have the most participants, it also involves professional catering and other activities throughout the day. "We've got the Toronto Raptor coming out, we've got the Toronto Raptors dancers coming out," Giantsopoulos said. "Joe Tilley from CTV is going to be there. Jay Onrait from TSN is going to be there. We're trying to make this as big of an event as possible to promote baseball in Ontario, amateur sport, and children's athletics." Read more: